Classic Luxury Harris Tweed Harness

Classic Luxury Harris Tweed Harness

A very clever design for the brachycephalic breeds, who are the pugs, French Bulldogs, British Bulldogs and Boston Terrier etc, or any breed where you would like to keep the pressure off their airways. This harness is specially shaped to take pressure off the trachea and throat. The harness supports the neck and chest with a super soft fabric design and adjustable chest strap. It has two D-rings for attaching your lead and ID tag

Green Herringbone

Sizes Large - Neck 15” - 16” (38cm  - 41cm) - Chest 21” - 28” (53cm  - 71cm)


Blue Mauve Check

Extra Large - Neck 18” - 19” (45cm - 47cm) - Chest 24” - 31” (60cm - 78cm)


Blue Mauve Check

4x Extra Large - Neck 28” – 30” (71cm 0 76cm) - Chest 33” – 52” (84cm – 132cm)


  • Care Details

    It is best to hand wash or machine wash on a cool, gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry. As with most products for our pets it is always best to check your harness regularly for wear or tear ensure the safety of your pet at all times.


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