Digby Tweed Collar

Digby Tweed Collar

Designer Dog Collars for the Dapper Dog

A wonderful, soft, warm and hardwearing dog collar, that compliments dogs with either dark or light-coloured coats.


Collar Medium Size 30cm (12”) to 39cm (15”) Price £63.00

Collar Large Size 40cm (16”) to 49cm (19”) Price £66.00


The collar may last longer than a leather collar and feels much nicer. Each one is hand cut by Love My Dog design studios and finished by traditional British belt-makers. The collar is lined with a wonderful soft suede lining which adds maximum comfort for your dog.


After experimenting with a variety of different materials, Love My Dog eventually found that dogs love the feel of suede on their fur. It’s soft and gentle to wear, doesn’t chafe or matt the fur and helps stop collar lines and forms an excellent backing for the tweed.


Easy to clean designer dog collar

Digby fabrics have an invisible Teflon coating that shrugs off dirt and stains. It has a soft washable suede lining and so may need an occasional clean - after all, lots of dogs do like to roll in some quite dreadful things! The best and easiest way to clean your collar is just hand wash it or wipe over using a damp cloth, and it comes up looking like new again and again.


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